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Beauty and Care for Every Stage of Age for Women

Improving one’s complexion and using cosmetics for this purpose has always been a favorite subject for women. It is the heartfelt desire of every woman to look her best and always look young. Aging cannot be prevented. This is an inescapable fact that we all have to acknowledge. But it is definitely not the right attitude to attribute every drop in our beauty, energy and health to aging. Many other problems are usually the result of our negligence, including dry and flaky skin, weak and falling hair, yellow in color, puffiness under the eyes and obese body. If we keep an eye on the changes in the body with our age and its changing requirements, we will not only look 10 years behind our actual age, but our health will be enviably good.

20 Years & You

This is the age when beauty does not usually require prosthetic. Your skin is bright and attractive, but still if you go out in the sun, etc., to protect from the sun, goggles and some good cream should be applied. Brush twice a day, drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep.
Your physical condition:

(1) At this time your body enters the most beautiful period of its life. Strengthen your nerves and limbs is on the rise.

(2) Your lungs also have a greater capacity to breathe. You can run and get on the bus if you want, but it’s better don’t take such risks.

(3) The amount of fat in the body begins to increase. If you don’t pay attention to it, many of these sins will increase until you reach the age of 25.

(4) Accumulation of fat in the body means that your cholesterol is also slowly rising and your risk of heart attack increases.

(5) Of course your immune system is at its peak at the moment, but remember that as the body ages, so does your body.

The immune system begins to decline. Because the thymus glands slowly begin to shrink, causing the immune system to shrink and also seems to be affected.

What to do:

(1) Health experts believe that 1200 calcium a day should be taken (remember that milk is the best source of calcium) Also, do exercises that help you not gain weight and keep your bones strong.

(2) Aerobic exercises (rope jumping, etc.) are especially important. This not only keeps your muscles strong but also prevents diseases. Heart risks are also minimized.

(3) Don’t forget to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked so you can step into the next decade with more confidence or risk going forward.

30 Years & You

(1) If you have not become a mother of three or four children or have not been affected by an unexpected trauma, it can be said that skin beauty. It will continue, but now you have to be careful.

(2) The sebaceous glands secrete a good amount of oil. Marital matters are also right.

(3) Some women start getting nails etc. on their face but most of them are safe from them.

(4) If the hair is taken care of, it will stay healthy and shiny, but you may also have two or three white hairs during this period.

What to do:

(1) Don’t forget to wear sunglasses before going out in the sun. Use cleansing gel.

(2) Oil free moisturizing will be better if appropriate. Get various masks and scrubs from a good beauty parlor.

(3) Use good and quality company products for makeup.

(4) Protect your hair from the sun too. Anti-ultraviolet products will stay better, tested and have better results use shampoo.

Your Physical Condition After 30 Years

(1) After 30 years, the bones begin to weaken one percent annually. Understand that your bones begin to weaken.

(2) The rate of fat growth on your body is accelerating, so you need to pay special attention to this extra fat.
It will also require practical efforts.

(3) Muscle performance will also decrease. If your body is on the verge of obesity, then after 30 years you will be on your diet. 50 calories will have to be reduced. Good chocolate won’t hurt you.

(4) Cholesterol levels will continue to rise. Keep in mind that the risk of heart attack is also increasing.

What to do:

(1) Continue 1200 mg of calcium daily. Do not interrupt exercise to strengthen weakening muscles and bones.

(2) Better results can be obtained by doing aerobic exercises. Half an hour of exercise three to five days a week will suffice. Continuing to exercise will reduce the risk of heart disease.

(3) Warm up yourself for at least five minutes before exercising. Maintain your physical flexibility. It is important to exercise properly and avoid unrelated pulls.

(4) Check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels after two to three months.

(5) Also pay attention to your diet, especially on the amount of fat. Only 30% of the total calories in your diet come from fat. Do Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can.

40 Years & You

(1) It is possible that the lines near your eyes and mouth will start to get deeper.

(2) The sun will cause more damage to your skin and its effects will begin to appear.

(3) It is possible that the pores of your body may open which can affect the beauty of the skin.

(4) The body’s ability to produce oil will also gradually decrease. The skin will need more moisture at this time.

(5) The diameter of the hair will also start to decrease. It is possible that the speed of hair loss will increase and the hair will start turning white faster.

What to do:

(1) Continue Facial Cleansing If your skin is dry, it is useful to use cleanser cream and moisturizer lotion etc.

(2) Use a good eye cream to hide the lines around the eyes.

(3) If spots or moles etc are appearing on the skin, then a dermatologist must check.

(4) Don’t forget to condition your hair to keep it healthy and shiny.

45 Years & You

(1) If you are 45 years old, then a constant decrease in body oil production during this time can make the skin dry and rough.

(2) It is possible to reduce the pinkness of the face and clear the arteries on the cheeks, including the nose.

(3) Due to the lack of collagen in the skin, blemishes may become more prominent.

(4) The sun rays will also show their effect on the skin. The skin may become uneven. Dead skin cells can emerge on the surface of the skin.

(5) The amount of moisture in the skin can also be greatly reduced.

What to do:

(1) Use a non-clogging moisturizer.

(2) Exfoliating will also be useful, but it is important to get the guidance of a good beautician.

(3) Keep consulting a dermatologist.

(4) Don’t forget to use sunblock cream and lotion whenever you go out.

(5) Apply hair deep condition once a week.

(6) Good and standard colors can also give new life to hair. Some creams are also useful.

50 Years & You

(1) Your weight will continue to increase according to a general estimate 90% of women between the ages of 30 and 70 gain up to 7 kg.

(2) This is the period of menstruation. Between the ages of 50 and 60, 35% of bones are weakened, and one out of three women suffers from osteoporosis. In which the slightest injury is likely to break the bone.

(3) The spinal cord also begins to weaken, which affects the whole body.

(4) After the cessation of menstruation, the amount of fat on the body increases more rapidly, the waist becomes wider and the abdomen also increases.

(5) The risk of heart disease increases many times after sunburn.

What to do:

(1) You have to fight against the weakness of bones and limbs and no one knows your body better than you. Hand in hand sitting still is harmful to you. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

(2) There is nothing wrong with taking medication from time to time but try not to make it a habit.

(3) Aerobic exercises (jumping rope) are still effective but now you have to avoid strenuous exercise. Three to five times a week. Make sure to take a 20 to 30 minute walk. It also protects you from the dangers of heart disease and osteoporosis holds.

(4) Yoga and breathing exercises can also be helpful.

(5) Create mammograms on an annual basis to assess blood pressure and cholesterol.

After 50 Years

(1) The skin usually becomes dry in 50 years and sometimes the skin may become itchy.

(2) The lines on the neck will become more prominent and the skin will begin to shrink.

(3) The efficiency of the oil-producing glands in the body will be greatly reduced.

(4) The pores of the skin will slowly begin to close. Skin blemishes and wrinkles will become more prominent. Especially the face, more lines will appear on the neck and arms.

(5) Nails can become very weak and can sometimes be uprooted.

(6) Hair will soon begin to break and fall out and 50% of it will turn white.

What to do:

(1) Continue cleansing and moisturizing regularly.

(2) It would be better to take a bath with cold water. Hot water dries the skin.

(3) Keep trying to keep the skin soft with body lotion and oil.

(4) Do not wash your hair daily. It would be better to use shampoo for thin and thin hair.

It’s Not Hard To Be Beautiful And Healthy For 60 Years

As everyone knows that diet and exercise play a big role in keeping us healthy, beautiful and fit, so we have to pay attention to these things first and it should start from the first day of birth. However, especially after the age of 20, you should keep your lifestyle in a way that will be beneficial for you in the future. We will tell you about the things that all of us have to deal with in different decades of life so that you can live each decade according to its changing requirements.

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