Corona Virus

Corona Knocking The Doors Of The Globe To Get United

Corona: knocking the doors of the globe to get united

Corona: knocking the doors of the globe to get unitedWho knew that a small tiny virus will change the economical and political dynamics of the world.
Corona yes corona, a tiny virus which was initially started from Wuhan a Chinese city and soon it covered whole the world in its influence and Europe is badly affected now thousands of numbers increasing day by day in whole European countries including Italy most effected then British, France, Germany, Spain and now even the superpower US is unable to control such corona who is declaring to set up new human settlements on moon and mars and claiming itself at the peak of medical science and research technology but it’s also now trenching the mass graves to burry its people dying from the corona virus disease….
A corona even crashed the oil economy so badly that oil prices reduced to the cheapest ever prices of the history… Corona crashed the stock exchanges globally and thousands of stock exchangers came on roads due to corona crises.
China is corona free country now but the whole world is at the sake of mercy.
Yes its corona due to which the globally holly places of the world were set closed for the first time in history even in peace and yes due to corona we seeing KAABA quarantined and mosques are closed globally where people are not allowed together and pray, its due to corona that we c temples empty….
Its corona that we see the steeples also being emptying by Christians gates.
Its corona that a global campaign of social distance is invented to keep safety.
Corona will be the decision making tool in future for the superpowers to declare themselves as global power like America in recent past because this is all based Upon a theory that “who is going to make treatment solution of corona will be leading the new world order in coming future” so whole world is watching towards the superpowers with curiosity but to b a true human there is a thing to think is that we need to save each other we need to save this world we need to save humanity.
A corona once again giving a message to the world that budget which is being used to invent, sale, buy, use new weapons against HUMANITY they should b reduced to face these global biological changes…
Corona still seems uncontrollable killing more than one lac people globally and still the counting is increasing on daily basis.
It’s time to think either we want weaponization or a global cooperation to make this world a safer place like heaven.

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