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Vaccine Rollout in European Countries

Vaccine Rollout in European CountriesCorona vaccine is started from last week in different countries of Europe. on the other side for safety of peoples and stopping by spreading the covid -19 mostly countries continued lockdown.

According the report in Europe most countries have under varying degrees of lockdown for month restrictions have been stepped up or extended while national vaccination efforts are stymied by various problems.  European countries extending restrictions in face of rising cases. Political leaders have promised that mass vaccination Will bring an end to the suffering .

According to the New York Times ,many European countries facing the shortages of needles in Italy, Greece and other countries. Spain has not trained enough nurses .France has only managed to vaccine around 7000 peoples. Germany also started vaccination.

According the report of New York Times, vaccination are rolling out slower then promised. on the other side corona not in under control spreading rapidly in all over the world. its continue burden on the health care system. it also disturb the vaccine  campaign.  the threat posed by the first spreading variant is, adding extra regency to an already daunting challenge.

if we talk about England current situation is not suitable. second wave of corona is alarming and challenges for government. prime minister Boris jobson  talk on Tuesday .

According to prime minister Boris Johnson “England would be lockdown  until inoculation reached the four most vulnerable groups. nursing and those who care for them, every over age of 70,social care workers and extremely vulnerable individuals.

If we succeed in vaccinating all those groups .we will have removed huge number of people from the path of the virus he said ” According to Nadhim Zehawi. The four groups he cited individuals 13.9 million people. The minister overseeing the vaccine effort.

According the New York Times, European countries started their campaign weeks after England and United states,. Because of a slower approval process and have had to rely on single vaccine made by Pfizer and Biotech. According to report medical regulatory agency is expected to a vaccine from another company Moderna in this week.

if we talk about USA where almost 4.5 million people have receive a dose of a covid-19 vaccine. according to the centre for Disease control and prevention using only a fraction of the 15 million doses delivered by manufacturers. one of the biggest problems in Europe is distribution of vaccine.

the another problem of other countries who cannot starts vaccine factor is that some countries have turned to local health authorities to develop their own strategies, leading to problem.

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