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The 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Dubai

Dubai is a city that is not only known for its achievements in various industries, but also for its incredibly competitive employment market. In its third decade of existence, Dubai is expected to grow to be the third largest city in the world, and is expected to boast a total population of over two and a half million.

With so much competition to obtain the best jobs available, it is of no surprise that the most competitive salary packages often come in the field of Marketing and Sales. With the jobs below, you can be sure that you’ll be in with a great shot at getting an incredibly competitive salary and also getting the recognition that comes with working devotedly.

10 Highest Paying Jobs In Dubai

1.Health Care Marketing Consultant

Salary: Approximately USD 1,700,000 per year
Marketing is perhaps the most competitive field out there, but with the Health Care Marketing Consultant, you can gain unparalleled experience, knowledge and connections. With the ability to conduct market research to determine the viability of health care marketing plans for clients, this is a position that can provide you with a valuable start to your career. It is one of the highest paying jobs in Dubai.

2.Startup Consultant

Salary: USD 1,325,000 per year
Just because you’re a new grad or are fresh out of school, that doesn’t mean you’re too young to start your own business. If you’re interested in starting your own business, you can come to Dubai, meet with business owners, investors and local government officials, and start your very own company. This is one of the most competitive and highest paying jobs in Dubai, and salaries go up substantially for startups with the presence of a successful CEO and several thousand investment dollars.

3.Executive Search Consultant

Salary: USD 1,290,000 per year
Executive search consultants are responsible for seeking and conducting research in the field of human resources. This is a particularly high paying job, and is one of the highest paying jobs in Dubai. If you’re qualified and interested in the opportunity, be sure to make a lot of connections and get in on as many discussions as you can.

4.IT Analyst

Salary: USD 1,170,000 per year
IT analysts are responsible for analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of IT systems in order to find ways to fix and improve them. With the right education and experience, this is a particularly well-paying position. This is one of the most competitive and highest paying jobs in Dubai. It is expected to grow in salaries throughout the year, and salaries in March 2022 are expected to average between 2.1 to 2.2 million. It is one of the most sought after jobs in Dubai.

5.Outsourcing Consultant

Salary: USD 1,100,000 per year
Outsource consultants are responsible for finding, implementing and measuring the effectiveness of outsourcing strategies for client companies. As one of the most competitive positions out there, there is no doubt that salaries will go up in future years. There are a great many job opportunities in this area, which is one of the most sought after for highly skilled candidates.

6.Brand Manager

Salary: USD 1,000,000 per year
Businesses and brands rely on their brand to market themselves to a wide range of people, and that’s where a business manager comes in. A brand manager is responsible for identifying the needs of the company and then creating a plan to execute those needs through marketing and advertising. This is one of the most competitive positions in Dubai, and salaries are expected to increase with the company’s success. It is one of the most sought after and highest paying jobs in Dubai.

7.Communications Specialist

Salary: USD 850,000 per year
Communications specialists are responsible for researching and drafting strategies to meet the needs of their clients. It’s one of the most sought after and highest paid jobs in Dubai, and this year’s salaries for it are projected to be around 2.5 million. Many of the highest paying jobs in Dubai are expected to increase in salary by the end of the year, but as of now, salaries are projected to average around 2.2 million per year.

8.IT Developer

Salary: USD 1,105,000 per year
IT is arguably the most in-demand field for someone who’s interested in starting a career in Dubai. The IT Developer role can provide a great start to your career and is a great way to get access to Dubai’s growing industries. Pay starts at just over USD 100,000 a year, and with advanced skills, you can easily attain a salary that can total up to USD 1,105,000.

9.Medical and Dental Practitioner

Salary: USD 1,100,000 per year
With such a wide variety of medical careers available in Dubai, it is no surprise that many people end up moving here to work in the field. Doctors and nurses are always in great demand and even at the entry level of this position, you’ll get paid well over USD 1,100,000. The salary goes up to about USD 1,150,000 to USD 1,400,000 for top performing doctors.

10.Corporate, Financial & Private Investor

Salary: USD 1,050,000 per year
Dubai is considered to be the most competitive region in the Middle East, and this is due to the combination of a booming economy and the ability to access the market, without much competition. With such a diverse job landscape, you can be sure that you’ll get access to the best salaries and start-up opportunities. At the entry level, salaries go up to about USD 1,050,000.


The 10 Highest Paying Jobs In DubaiThese are ten of the best highest paying jobs in Dubai. Each position is highly competitive and pays significantly above the average salary, but it is not the only opportunity available in Dubai. There are many other fantastic careers available in Dubai, and these are just a few of the most competitive. The jobs listed in this article are simply some of the most popular and highest paying.

So if you have the right experience and education, and you are looking to make some serious bucks this year, don’t hesitate and apply for these ten high paying jobs in Dubai. You can be sure that you are qualified for these jobs and that you will be successful in the process.


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