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Different Types of Winter Clothing Sweaters for Women

Dear ladies, if you are looking for different kinds of sweaters and jackets, add them to your wardrobe to welcome the snow and autumn. The Winter season is a complete package of new hoodies and jackets for keeping your look as pep as they were looking in the summer season.

List of 9 different types of winter jackets for women clothing

Different Types of Winter Clothing Sweaters for Women

  1. Denim Jacket
  2. Blazer
  3. Quilted Jacket
  4. Sweat Jacket
  5. Hooded Jacket
  6. Printed Jacket
  7. Leather Jacket
  8. Trench Coat
  9. Windcheater

Denim Jacket

One of the best things about these denim jackets is that they are weather-friendly. You can use them during traveling or on a windy day, and obviously, these are the best pals for the winter season as well.

These will always give you a perfect hunk and sustainable look. You can quickly wear these jackets on a dress or a light sweater and look gorgeous and dashing.

Occasion: club nights, casual outings, casual workdays, evening parties

It goes best with: Skirts, Dresses, Denim jeans

Brands: Gas, Ralph Lauren, Rajrang, Applewear

Fabrics: denim

Websites: myntra, Amazon, Yepme, Shoppers Stop, eBay

  1. Blazer

Blazers were initially designed for office-going men, but now these are included as the best fashion for women. A blazer is best for your office wear or an interview; you can wear it with trousers.

Occasions: casual wear, dinner parties, evening parties, formal wear.

It Goes Best with denim, dresses, formal pants.

Brands: Only, Next, Vero Moda, Code, Yepme, fabAlley

Fabrics: Polyester and crepe, Wool, Cotton, and lycra

Websites: myntra, amazon, fabAlley, Koovs

  1. Quilted Jacket

It is for those who believe in covering from the cold breeze and want to warm them than fashion sense; then they can get these cool looking and amazing jackets with sustainable hoodies attached with them.

Occasion: travel and commute, casual outing, hiking.

It Goes Best with leggings, denim, thermal, boots, high heels, sarees, suits.

Brands: Yepme, People, Teemoods, Martini

Fabrics: Polyester and fleece, Cotton, Leather, Wool, Silk.

Websites: Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Yepme

  1. Sweat Jacket

These are considered the best option for workouts and gyms on casual days out or winter. These provide decent warmth, and they are super comfy due to the stuff.

Occasion: gym and workouts, sleepovers, nightwear

It Goes Best with Baggy trousers, tracks pants, denim, sweatpants

Brands: Moda Rapido, Adidas, Allen Solly, Chumbak, Being Human

Fabrics: Nylon, Polyester, Viscose, Cotton, Wool

Websites: amazon, fabAlley, Chumbak, Myntra

  1. Hooded Jacket

These look sweet and cute in winters. Now every jacket comes up with an attached or zipped hoodie!

Occasion: Casual Wear, Travel, and Commute

It Goes Best with thermal leggings, long sweaters, high boots

Brands: Vero Moda, Next, Only, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins

Fabrics: Polyester Viscose, Woolen, Acrylic blend, Cotton fleece

Websites: Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Jabong, Yepme

  1.   Printed Jacket

This season will be full of prints and colors. These printed jackets are now available everywhere, and these are best to make you feel bright and look emerging and full of life!

You can get your jacket from the given prints of 3D, animals, or blossoming florals.

Occasion: formal wear, casual wear

It Goes Best with mix and match

Brands: Dressberry, Mango, Anouk, Vero Moda, Only, AND

Fabrics: blended cotton, acrylic, viscone, nylon, wool, leather

Websites: fabAlley, koovs, Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart

7.Leather Jacket

These bold and hunk jackets of leather are an all-time favorite and evergreen for the season of winter. Another fantastic thing about these jackets is that you don’t have to wash them regularly or adequately and keep them dry and clean. These are ever-ready.

Occasion: bike rides, travel, club nights, evening parties

It Goes Best with leather pants, denim, high boots, stilettos

Brands: Vero Moda, fabAlley, Aditi Wasan, Mango, Only, Martini.

Fabrics: leather

Websites: Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, koovs, Jabong

  1. Trench Coat

Trench coats are considered a great buzz for the season of winter. These do not have the hassle of cleaning and drying them regularly. These are waterproof and lightweight, unlike woolen coats.

You can wear these coats over a dress or a sweater and look unique or dazzling.

Occasion: Travel and Commute during the snowfall season

It Goes Best with denim, turtlenecks, sarees, overcoats

Brands: DressBerry, Elle, fabAlley, Fabindia, Fort Collins, Marks&Spencer, Arrow

Fabrics: Suede, Blended, Fleece, Cotton, Acrylic

Websites: Myntra, Jabong, Amazon.in


If you are an explorer or a daily traveler in the winds, bad weather, rain, then windcheaters are considered saviors and blessings. These are designed primarily to make you safe from the winds and rain, and these are also not the makeup of wool material.

You can wear these jackets over a cost or a sweater during traveling. Give thanks to the fashion industries that make the beautiful forms of these coats, and there is no need to save your old tacky pieces.

Occasion: fuming and workouts, travel and commute

It Goes Best with track pants, top, trousers, sports shoes

Brands: fila, Adidas neo, mojo, Nike, only, puma

Fabrics: Lycra, cotton, Polyester

Websites: myntra.in, eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, forever21, snapdeal.

Suppose you are looking for different sweaters for the winter season, especially for women’s clothing other than jackets. In that case, you can choose from the innovative and marvelous designs of sweaters like a robe, cape, jumper, pullover, poncho, thermal hoodie, cardigan, sweatshirt, and woolen sweater, or regular sweaters.

Sweaters are considered the quintessential part of winter. Even hoodies and jackets do not work well in winter and fail to warm you without a sweater that is worn inside them. Regular sweaters are the most comfortable and easiest to find.

Moreover, cardigans-type sweaters are also famous due to the ease of efficiently removing them when you desire not to wear them because these are open from the front. These are beneficial when you want to wear them over a gown or a dress.

Hoodies are another perfect pick for strolling and traveling. These are comprised of an attached hoodie and pockets in the front. These are lightweight, comfy, and easy to carry outside.


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