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Korean Fashion Trends Going into 2021

Korean Fashion Trends Going into 2021Korean fashion is considered one of the best in the world. With Seoul frequently becoming the best fashion capital worldwide, and obviously of Asia, Korean style is going more popular as the days pass gradually.

This effect is gaining more famous due to skyrocketing popularity of Korean media like K-pop and K-dramas. It is a little bit funny that Korean trends of fashion hit other countries worldwide when a year or two passes and those trends become less popular in Korea itself.

Today, we want to bring your kind attention to popular fashion trends in Korea, and these are going to gain more popularity in 2021.

Korean Fashion in 2021

The fashion trends of Korea have one thing that always stands out. That is this that Korean fashion has become less and less conservative over the last few years. Even from the recent four or five years of period, you can see more revealing clothes, open-back shirts, stitching along the chest, ankle-high pants for men, over-knee shorts, and shorter tops.

Street Style

Streetwear is taking off in Korea for the past few years that is inspired by so many influencers and celebrities who are taking up this style. It has become more common and widespread that you can see it on the streets of Seoul. Some of the other favorite and popular streetwear styles in Korean culture are baggy pants, bucket hats, and oversized shirts.

Now there are many brands for streetwear that are becoming more appealing and common in Korea that you can see them easily on the streets. This kind of fashion and clothing trend is different from the styles that are more popular in the last four or five years.

If you are looking for an international brand of Korea for streetwear, you can try Kore Limited as their quality of clothing is incredible, fantastic, and it’s the best choice for streetwear clothing.

Another famous brand is Styleupk. They are comprising of a wide range of so many other brands like the popular brands that you will see commonly in Korea like Guess, Fila, and Nerdy, and they are also shipping internationally.

Modern Hanbok 

To be honest, Modern Hanbok is not considered a trend, but an item of traditional Korean clothing that is commonly worn at weddings and other special events.

Modern Hanbok is impractical sometimes to be worn, although it looks charming with a poofy skirt. It is large in size and very heavy, more realistic for wearing in different day-to-day situations.

It is retaining so many traditional elements of Korean designs but also made smaller, lighter, and commonly more subtle in case of coloring. If you are looking for a special occasion dress choice, then Modern Hanbok is an excellent choice that can be adopted quickly.

Another amazing thing is about Hanbok for children is also famous! If you want to try traditional and cute outfits according to trends for your kids or children, then you can try a brand of Joteta-they have a more comprehensive range of different Hanbok for kids.


Another popular trend that is taking off in Korea not just for men but also for women equally is ankle-length pants. This type of pants always ends up at your upper ankle and shows your ankles, and make them a good choice for the seasons that are medium-warm. These ankle-length pants are famous in Korea during the season of spring and fall.

These look very comfortable and an excellent choice for formal, semi-formal, and casual outfits. These pants have the most significant benefit of relatively low prices, and their everywhere availability is making them more common. If you want to add some styles of Korean dresses, then you must opt for ankle-length pants.

Tennis or Pleated Skirts

Tennis skirts not just popular in Korea as a Korean style, but these have gained their popularity almost everywhere. These are always commonly and popularly used in Korea, that you can watch them on ordinary streets of Seoul in spring and summer.

Tennis skirts are commonly used by the ages of younger 20’s in Korea, but it doesn’t mean if your age exceeds 20, you cannot wear them; you can wear them whenever you want to look bubbly and cute.

All-in-all, these skirts are a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. However, these are not much popular from a few years ago; these are still considered as a common sight, simple, well-working, and comfortable with a wide variety of different shoes and tops.

Ribbed Shirts

Instead of all other fashion lists, ribbed shirts are considered one of the most popular and influential Korean Women’s trends for summer, not just in 2020 but also in 2021.

Ribbed shirts have used a fantastic way of rejuvenating the designs of standard or everyday shirts. These are making a contemporary design that is not too bold but stylish, elegant, and comfortable.

You can purchase Ribbed shirts in so many unique and different forms, like short-sleeved designs, longer-sleeved designs, and red designs.

Button-Up Dresses

Another commonly seen and well-known dress in Seoul is the Button-Up dress. Still, it looks more formal than the dresses mentioned above due to their popularity in semi-professional and semi-casual situations. Moreover, these dresses are stylish, elegant but not considered flashy ones.

These work best with the combination of shoes with high heels, boots with heels, or simple high heels. You can also add simple handbags with the variety of this outfit, or longer stripped bags can also be used with them.

Puff Sleeves 

Another trend in 2020 and now in 2021 that is evolving in Korean clothing trends are puffed sleeves. This type of fashion trend is not used by any specific or unique kind of clothing, you can easily find so many puffed sleeves on many dresses or shirts, but the most common of them are puffy sleeves on ribbed shirts. Puffed sleeves are coming in many unique and different designs, and this thing is worth noting about its evolving fashion trend. Some come up with whole arm length puffed sleeves, and some are just puffed around the shoulders, but all these designs are equally popular in Korean trends.


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