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List of Healthy Snacks that your Kids will Love

It’s a fact that most growing kids feel hungry between the meals.

However, packed snacks at stores are mostly unhealthy and need to be avoided. They are full of added sugars, artificial ingredients, and refined flour.

Snack time is important in this regard because this provides an opportunity for sneaking some extra nutrients for your children’s better health and diet.

Fill the tummy of your children with foods that give nutrition and energy instead of stored highly processed foods in snacks.

We are going to share a list of snacks that are not just kid-friendly but also delicious, lovely and healthy.

  1. Popcorn

Often you consider popcorns as junk food ingredients, but it’s a whole grain nutritious food.

Popcorns are considered healthy snacks for kids but don’t try to drown them with unhealthy toppings.

However, be cautious when you offer popcorn to little kids because these can be a choking hazard.

  1. Yoghurt

No one can compete for yoghurt in its excellence as a snack for kids because it’s the best source of calcium and protein. Calcium is essential for the development of the bones of kids.

Some yoghurts need to take attention to because these contains live bacteria that can be advantageous for the digestive system.

Most yoghurts are high in sugar levels; instead of choosing full-fat yoghurt, plain and sweeten that with a drizzle of honey or fresh fruit.

If kids are under 12 months old, then do not use it because it can cause an infection known as botulism.

  1. Celery with raisins and peanut butter

Celery with raisins and peanut butter is known as ants on a log because it’s not more than fun to eat vegetables for children.

For doing this, the recipe is

  • Cut celery stalk into three, four or five pieces.
  • Spread the peanut butter into that celery.
  • Now put few raisins on top of that peanut butter; it enhances garnishing.

The combination of these foods provides an excellent balance of proteins, fat, and carbs.

Be sure that you are buying the peanut butter without vegetable oil or added sugar.

  1. Nuts

Nuts are high in fiber, antioxidants and fats. Dietary food supports the growth and nourishment of your children.

Nuts are undoubtedly delicious and yummy, but they are careful about the choking hazard. Always make sure that your kids are capable to handle the texture and chock them well before offering nuts as a snack.

  1. Trail mix

If your child is not sensitive about allergy due to nuts, then trail mix as healthy snacks are best for your kids to eat.

Mostly commercial trail mixes are packed with high sugared candies of chocolates, but you can make these right at your own home without much hassle.

For healthier options, mix dried fruits, whole-grain cereal and nuts.

  1. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a creamy and fresh cheese that is so soft that any infant can eat it.

It’s a rich source of protein, vitamin B12, selenium, and calcium. Vitamin B12 is essential for the development of the brain and the proper growth of children.

Cottage cheese by itself can be served beautifully, and you can also top it with dried and fresh fruit or with whole-wheat toast as a creamy spread over it.

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is mostly served as a healthy breakfast, but you can also use it as a great snack for kids.

The soluble fiber in oats increases the total beneficial bacteria in the tract of digestion, along with other benefits.

Skip those packets that are flavored with high sugar or glucose. You can add cinnamon and diced apples for more sweetness.

Use milk for making oatmeal instead of water for adding additional information in the form of calcium and protein.

  1. A piece of cheese

Cheese is a rich source of calcium, fat and protein. Research shows that dairy products and cheese are directly linked to better diet quality.

Dairy food contributes to many nutritional requirements for magnesium, Vitamins A and D, and calcium.

Cheese keeps your kids full between meals and gives them high-quality protein for their proper growth.

Some studies show that kids who are fond of eating cheese have fewer chances of getting cavities.

  1. Veggie pita pocket

Most vegetables are hard to get from kid’s taste, and parents believe that their children will never like veggies. But if you cook or use these vegetables as fun for them, they are going to love these veggies.

A whole-wheat pita pocket can have a spread of some hummus, and you can also slice up veggies, such as cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots and lettuce. Now let your child free while picking few veggies and fill their pita.

Veggies are rich in minerals and vitamins, but most children don’t get enough of these veggies.

  1. Fruit smoothie

If you want to pack a lot of nutrients into a small package of snacks, then a fruit smoothie is the best option for your kids and you too.

Veggies can also be added to a smoothie. The sweetness of fruits will not make your children realize that they are even eating veggies too.

Fruit smoothie doesn’t mean high sugar ingredients of fruit juices; use fresh, whole ingredients.

You can start with countless combos, but one of the start-ups is as below to help you out in making fruit smoothies:

Berry smoothie

Ingredients for four servings are as below:

  • Two cups (300 grams) of frozen berries (any berries either black or blue)
  • One cup of plain yoghurt (240 ml)
  • Two cups of fresh spinach (60 grams)
  • One cup of almond milk or whole milk (240 ml)
  • One tablespoon of honey (20 grams)

Add all of the above ingredients into a blender or grinder and blend them until they become smooth.

The Bottom line

It’s natural that kids get hungry in between the meals, even elders too.

But a healthy snack provides energy and nutrients for our daily needs.

Offer unprocessed, whole foods in snacks timing for your kids instead of prepared snack foods.


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